Weekend links 8.23.13

Friday, August 23, 2013

Well, I survived my first day back to school. It wasn't all that bad, but I'm very happy that there's a four day break before I have to go back. We're going to my parents' house on Saturday and I'm excited to get away from this city for a little while. It's overrun with freshman and returning college students. I'm ready for some peace and quiet. Have a lovely weekend!

Social media simplified
Scouted, a collection of New York Field Guides, makes me want to visit NYC again.
Bags for fall. All added to my wishlist.
Short interviews with people. On a Wednesday.
I want to go to this one year.
The Preservation Society of Charleston is hosting dinners at historical sites around Charleston in order to raise support and awareness. Check out these pretty pictures of the latest dinner.
Wow. Remember Lisa Frank stuff?
I want one of these of Mark and I.
I found a new blog to read. The cool part about is that she's based here in Richmond, too!
How to tie a scarf
I feel like I link to pictures of black walls in every Weekend post, but seriously. I need me some black walls!
A post on marriage.

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