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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Can you believe that August is already here? I'm still getting over the fact that May and June are gone, let alone the whole month of July. I'm still waiting for the year when summer slows down to the speed it used to be when we were kids. Summer was so boring and the days crept by. What I would do to have those days back. Except this time I would relish the fact that summer was so boring and the days were creeping by. We spent this first August weekend in Georgia with Mark's family. Some friends threw a baby shower for Mark's sister so there was a whole lot of adorableness happening. I also discovered how dangerous it is to go baby clothes shopping. There are way too many cute options and the salespeople are so sneaky! As I was checking out, the sales lady asked if I would like to see some of their clearance items and pulled a huge bin of oh-so-cute baby boy clothes out from under the counter. See what I mean about sneaky. They wait until you've got your wallet out and then they pounce! Slight exaggeration, I know, but still.
Mark is working in Georgia this week, so I'm headed back to Virginia today by my lonesome. I'm pretty sure the distance between Virginia and Georgia got greater after Mark and I got married. It never seemed to be such a long drive when we were dating. Anyway, hope you've had a great weekend. Here are a few things I've bookmarked this week:

- These whale bookends are just too cute.

- Fran wrote a post about being newlyweds and I couldn't have said it better if I tried. "The sooner you resign to the fact that farts will always be the most hilarious thing to men, the better."

- I'm in love with this house tour. More specifically, I'm in love with black walls. I need one. I really do.

- Forebruary is a calendar that you never have to change! Awesome. Found via swissmiss.

Do you still like beards?

- I really want to try this out.

- I joined Happier this week. It's a social network designed to "collect and share happy moments you find in everyday life". I love it so far!

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