What I'm Reading - Vol. Nine

Monday, August 12, 2013

Is PR a fallback for j-school grads?
Increasingly, I'm seeing that people who hire for the types of jobs my colleagues and I go after are looking for people with a journalist's skill set: The ability to write well, tell compelling stories and think critically are chief among them. So it's a natural fit -- though hardly indicative of "failure" -- when journalists shift to some other field. 

Interview with Kate Aronowitz, Design Director of Facebook
You'd be surprised by how many young people I meet who are ultra picky about what they will and won't do. Don't be that person! Be the one who jumps at the opportunity to try something new. Just being a positive and enthusiastic team member will set you apart from the pack.

Connecting and Disconnecting
It wasn't more than a couple generations ago that people would sit on chairs outside their home waiting to see who would walk by. It wasn't that long ago that people would stop by one another's homes unannounced. We used to crave face-to-face connection; now we evade it. 

Writing Assignment: Pen and Paper
In fact, it is now proven that our brains actually improve in measurable ways when writing this way. We learn more and retain more. Creative pathways are opened up as we engage more of our senses. Forming letters by strokes, as opposed to selecting each by keys, opens regions of the brain involving thinking, language, and memory that are not opened through typing. Writing, real writing, makes you smarter.

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