Holding On To Summer

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One of my favorite things about Virginia summers is that right about the time blogs and social media start exploding with all things fall, the temperature outside spikes up to the high 90s. The more summer slips away the more desperate I become to hold onto every last shred of it. Summer is the season I look forward to the most. And, even though, scarves, boots and camping trips make me happy they still come in second to summer.

I get a taste of fall every morning when I walk out of the house. The air feels so crisp and refreshing, but soon the sun comes out and its back to summertime. I think summer gets a little ticked off when everyone starts wishing it away and this is its way of paying everyone back.

So while everyone raves over their pumpkin spice lattes (which I just found out are referred to as PSL. Seriously) and their fall wishlists, I'm going to hang on to this last bit of summer and soak it up as best I can. Another plus is that I get to actually wear all these cute summer clothes that I've found on sale lately!

Don't worry, it'll be fall soon enough. The boots and scarves aren't going anywhere.

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