Thursday, October 03, 2013

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Looking for: brown leather boots. I've never owned a pair of leather boots, but this fall that's going to change! I'm on the hunt for a pretty pair of brown leather boots that won't break the bank. Where do you shop for affordable, quality boots? Please share!

Watching: I'm a little embarrassed to answer this question, but there's been so many good shows lately and I have to watch them all...right? I've been keeping up with The Voice and Parenthood whenever Mark's not around. He's not a big fan of either, so they're my shows to watch. We watched the series finale of Dexter together last week and weren't big fans of the ending. We both agreed that it was very weird and a little creepy. Our new show to watch together is The Blacklist and so far we like it.

Trying to: keep the bathroom clean. Cleaning bathrooms is the worst! How do they get so messy so fast? I never remembered bathrooms being messy when I was little. Selective eye-sight, I guess. This week I reached my wits end with our bathroom, so I made a trip to Target to invest in a WetJet for the floors and a new bath mat. Our old bath mat was red and white and I quickly learned that is a bad combination of colors to have outside of the shower! The water made the colors bleed and it was looking pretty sad. Now, the little room is looking better and I'm trying to keep on top of it. Sigh....the joys of being a grownup.

Searching for: a solution for that 2:00 feeling. Lately, it seems like everyday around 2:00 I get so sleepy. All motivation is gone and I want a nap! I'm not really into energy drinks, so I'm searching for an alternative energy-booster to take to work with me. Any ideas?

Planning: a game night. One night this month, I want to have a few people over for a game night/fall get-together. I need a good excuse to try my hand at making chili and these apple desserts. Plus, Mark and I have a whole basket full of board games that we got as a wedding gift and they've been sitting in our living room since May looking rather lonely.

Excited about: graduating! Sometimes I forget that there's only two more months left to this semester and my college career. It's so close! Just keep plugging.....

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