Hello, Morning. It's Me, Whitney.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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Mornings and I are getting to know one another. We haven't had the best of relationships in the past. My mornings usually involved rolling out of bed sleepy and cranky 30 minutes before I had to leave and waking up halfway to work. Getting up an hour before I had to leave the house was unheard of. This year, though, I've made an effort to stop being so hard on mornings. They're not actually that bad, even though it's hard for me to admit it. My goal has been to get up early enough that I can get dressed and ready for the day with a spare 30 minutes left over. Those 30 minutes are my favorite. I usually spend them eating breakfast on the sofa by the big window where I can see the sun coming up. Surprisingly, I feel much more put together and awake in the mornings when I have some extra time before work. We're taking it slow, but mornings and I are becoming better friends acquainted.

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