Over the weekend

Monday, October 21, 2013

A few things that happened this weekend, in no particular order.

+ I downloaded iOS7 onto my iPad and have been spending way too much time playing around with it. I love how simple and clean everything looks.
+ I made dinner for 10 people and it actually turned out good! Granted, I made chili in the crock-pot and that's fairly easy, but I was still proud of myself. I even made chocolate cupcakes and apple fritters for dessert. I used this recipe for the chili, but used ground beef instead of turkey. It was so simple to make and I loved using our crock-pot! It was a wedding gift and this was the first time I have used it. I have a feeling it's going to get a lot more use this winter. I love that I can turn it on when I leave for work and then return home with the house smelling delicious and dinner ready to go. Magic! 
+ We went to the annual Harvest Festival in my hometown. I've been going to this thing since I was tiny and every year it's exactly the same. There's an antique car exhibit, a tractor exhibit, a few arts & crafts booths, a stage for live bluegrass and all the Brunswick stew and barbeque you can eat. 
+ I interviewed the Libertarian candidate for governor, as well as his wife, on Saturday for a story I was working on. The event ended up lasting much longer than we had anticipated, so I was still hacking out the story well after midnight. I warmed up a bowl of leftover chili and went at it until 2am. The next morning I should have been dragging, but I was still on a major rush from the night before. It's funny to me how long it takes me to wind down after going after a story like crazy. Even after the story was published, I kept checking my phone every few seconds, like there was still something that needed to be done.
+ I napped for three hours on Sunday afternoon and it was awesome.
+ I caught up on the latest episodes of Nashville and Scandal. I'm obsessed with both of those shows.
+ Mark hunted all weekend, but didn't get anything. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that his wife had her fingers crossed all weekend that he wouldn't shoot anything. I'll probably lose a few points in the "good wife category" for that, but after cleaning the last deer in our kitchen, I'm fine if we don't have to do that again anytime soon.
+ There were so many cool varieties of pumpkins at the pumpkin stand we visited over the weekend. I wanted to buy them all, but used some self-control instead. Pat on the back for me. 

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