Weekend Recap

Monday, October 07, 2013

Right when we all started falling in love with October and embracing all things fall, summer decided to come back for a visit. The weekend brought a whopping 90 degrees! You know how I feel about summer weather, though, so no complaints here! We didn't let it stop us from enjoying our first free weekend this fall, either. Sometimes you've got to enjoy things the way they come, even if that means a 90 degree fall. My only plan for the weekend was to get the oil changed in my car. Funny how your weekend plans change once your married. :) My sweet husband changed the oil for me and we got to spend some time at my parents' house. We opened all the windows and made pumpkin and apple pies. Baking in 90 degree weather probably wasn't the best idea, but we didn't let it stop us! The pies turned out perfect and that night we sat on the front porch and stuffed our bellies. 

A recap of the photos above:
+ The field behind my parents' house was almost our wedding venue. The trees back there are just now starting to change colors and I'm excited to see them in a few more weeks.
+ My mom has wedding photos all over the house and they made me smile. I'm working on putting together a "few" photos to share here. Hopefully soon!
+ The four of us kids made a deal about the old Lincoln sitting in the barn. Whoever could get it running first could have it. Yeah, it's still sitting there.
+ I played around with Mark's camera while he fished. That man and fishing....

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