Brain Dump

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sometimes you just need to use your blog as a brain dump. And you can, because it's your blog. So here we go:

+ I've been getting into Twitter lately. You can follow me here.
+ Yesterday I realized that I am still reading the same book that I started while sitting on the beach on the Fourth of July. How sad is that? It's not the book's fault, it's because I've been horrible at putting away the computer or iPad to spend time with an actual book. On the other hand, I found a new blog this week and I read through the archives in one night.
 + All I want for Christmas is an iPhone. Yes, I am officially the last person in America to not have an iPhone. (We all know that's not true, but for drama's sake let's pretend it is.) My contract is not up until January though, so I'll probably be holding out until then.
+ I still haven't changed the clocks in the kitchen, because in the mornings when I'm getting breakfast before work I like to think it's tricking my mind into thinking I got to sleep in an extra hour (even if I didn't). It's ridiculous and I know it. I'll change them one day.
+ I have to return my iPad to the University in four weeks. I've gotten very addicted to that thing and although I know I don't need one, I'm going to miss it! Book reading time.
+ I have spent way to much of my free time searching for a house. It started out being a lot of fun. Do you know how many apps there are for house-searching?! But it's turning into a bit of a drag. Richmond, why you got to be so darn expensive!

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