Snapshots from Christmas

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

1. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in Alabama. It still looks like fall in the South, but it sure felt like Christmas! It was cooold!
2. I have been wanting to read this book since last Christmas break. That didn't happen, so when Mark asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, it was first on my list. Then one day back in November, a box arrived on our doorstep. I didn't know what it was and opened it. There lay my book/Christmas present. Whoops! Mark was none too pleased with me. It was wrapped and opened again on Christmas and I made my best "I had no idea it's just what I wanted!" face. Because we opened presents the weekend before Christmas, I spent most of the week following curled on the couch reading. Everything I had heard about this book was right! I couldn't put it down. We would be playing a game of Mexican Train dominos with the family and I would be wondering what was going to happen next in that darn book! Gillian Flynn has this awesome ability to make you like a character and just when you think you have the story figured out everything changes and you switch loyalties. This will happen two or three times before the book ends until you really don't know how you feel about either character, you just know that these people are CRAZY. Anyway, highly recommended if you haven't already read it. Grab a blanket and prepare to be sitting for awhile.
3. Christmas dinner at the Waffle House. Oh yes, that happened. We arrived in Atlanta from our Alabama-travels on Christmas night and set out to find any place that was opened for dinner. We both agreed that waffles sounded pretty darn good (also it was kind of the only option since everything else was closed). Apparently, Waffle House for Christmas dinner is the thing to do...the place was packed! Afterwards, we watched this movie and called it a successful Christmas!
4. We made so many Ikea trips while we were in Atlanta. The cinnamon buns alone are worth it! But really, when you're trying to stock a house with small essentials on the cheap, Ikea is definitely the place to go.
5. Did I mention the cinnamon buns?!

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