The year I won Christmas

Friday, December 27, 2013

^^ A Pebble watch and a nephew to snuggle (and then hand back to his parents when he poops his diaper). What more could one guy ask for? ^^

My husband is the world's hardest person to shop for. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, it doesn't matter. To make it even worse, he has always been an awesome gift-giver. The first Christmas we were together, we had been dating for only a few months and I was going crazy trying to come up with the perfect Christmas gift to give him. It was the week of Christmas and I still had nothing. I finally settled on...wait for it...a hat. Not just any hat, but a plaid, flannel bomber hat. It didn't matter that I had never seen him wear a hat (ever) or knew if he even liked bomber hats, I had a Christmas gift for him (finally) so I was good to go. Fast forward to Christmas and what does that boy get me? The Diana+ camera that I had been drooling over for months. Diana vs. get the picture. He obligingly wore his flannel hat all that winter, but I've asked him recently if he even liked it and he just grins at me. We all know what that means.

I've tried flat-out asking him what he wants for Christmas or his birthday and his reply is always "I don't need anything." I tell him that's not the point of presents. You don't have to NEED them.

I've started paying attention throughout the year for any little thing he mentions that he would like. Some kind of tool, a pair of boots he likes, a camera he wants. The problem is that he usually goes out the next day and gets it for himself. I've had a few talks with him about that as well.

But this Christmas, my friends, shall forever be known as The Year I Won Christmas. Not only did I totally surprise him, but I actually got something that the boy wanted. Really wanted! A Pebble watch. He was actually on a waiting list for one back when they were on Kickstarter, but he took himself off of it so we could put that money towards our honeymoon. I had almost forgotten about it until I saw it on a gift guide this year. One Black Friday sale later and it was being delivered in the mail. I don't think I've ever bought a Christmas gift that early before! Now he wears it constantly and gets excited as he tells me about all its features and doodads. He's still an awesome gift-giver, but a girl's gotta grab some credit every now and then and this year I won Christmas!

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