Happy new year!

Friday, January 03, 2014

Twenty-fourteen has such a nice ring to it, don't you think? Fun fact: When Mark and I were trying to settle on a wedding date, I originally wanted May 25, 2014 because I liked the way 2014 sounded better than 2013. Then I weighed a minor detail like that against waiting another two years and 2013 didn't sound so bad after all.

We spent New Year's Eve unpacking boxes in our new place and running to Target a million times for little house essentials that we had forgotten. (I never thought of curtain rods and plungers as essentials before, but they are. Oh, they are.) Mark was a lean, green unpacking machine when it came to getting boxes out of the way. I'll usually let them sit around for a few weeks months, but he had things unpacked and stored in their places by our second day in the house! I knew I married that man for a reason. We are still dresser-less at the moment, so there are several boxes in our room but hopefully those will be put away soon as well. Getting dressed in the morning has been an interesting feat. 

When the clock ticked over to midnight on Tuesday, we were curled up on our new sofa in our new house with all my Christmas candles burning. Not that exciting, but it was perfect for us. After a day of throwing boxes around, neither one of us felt like doing much else. I'm pretty sure I was snoring by 12:03am.

So far, 2014 is off to a great start. I was a little nervous about joining the 9-5 world this year (Goodbye, free time) but it hasn't been bad. The good news is that I really really like my job so spending time in the office all day isn't a drag. And I'm not complaining about the 8-minute commute either! (Yep, I timed it.) I'm pretty excited about 2014. It's going to be a FANTASTIC year. 

You heard it here first. 

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