Over the weekend

Monday, January 27, 2014

Thought about work. This is both good and bad. Good because I'm really enjoying my work and am excited about a few things we're working on. Bad because...well, it's the weekend and isn't there some unspoken rule about not thinking about work on the weekends?

Thrifted a cute (slightly weird) lamp and a mini file cabinet (I see a bedside table in the future!)

Drove all over Richmond on Saturday, running errands and popping in thrift stores with Mark.

Watched Downton Abbey. I'm finally getting caught up!

Caught the decorating bug after my sister sent me the link to this YouTube channel.

Bought those beautiful flowers from Fresh Market. It's amazing what a bouquet of flowers can do for a room in the dead of January.

Ate a huge Sunday lunch with my parents and sister. Making big meals in our home is so much more fun when I have a two more people to help clean up! ;)

Spent quality time with my sofa and a cozy wool blanket. The weather has been absolutely frigid here lately, so Sunday afternoon was the perfect time to curl up and be lazy.

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