Snow Day

Thursday, January 30, 2014

For two weeks in a row now, it has snowed on Tuesday. The pattern has become predictable. Here's a little glimpse of how life has gone in Richmond these past two weeks. On Monday, all the schools close in anticipation of the great snow fall. On Tuesday, Richmonders watch in trepidation for the first fluttering snow flake. By Tuesday night, the snow arrives and coats the ground. Without question, schools and businesses are closed again on Wednesday. There's foreign white stuff on the ground, people! We can't operate in this! By Thursday, a few brave souls may start to venture out but schools remain closed. By Friday, it's too close to the weekend to think of reopening anything, so everything shuts down again. The weather warms over the weekend and the snow melts. By Monday, it's a balmy 50 degrees outside, but they're calling for snow the next day so all the schools shut down again. Tuesday comes and the process repeats itself.
In all honesty though, we haven't had it bad here (at least compared to cities farther south). I've been enjoying the snow but now it's time for warmer weather. Hear me, mother nature? I've had my snow day, now summer can arrive. And may I just say that after these one-digit snow days, the first person who complains about the heat this summer is getting punched in the face. 

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  1. The weather out there is very funny. And it feels WAY colder than whatever the temperature is. The snow is very pretty, though!


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