Two little goals for a brand new year

Friday, January 03, 2014

One night before Christmas I went through the 2013 archives on my blog, just to remember the happy moments from this past year. It was a lot of fun to see those memories documented here, but it led me to a new resolution for my blog in 2014. I really want to be better about documenting life here. There are so many great memories from this past year that I want to tuck away and keep forever. I know there were so many weekends throughout 2013 when I went to visit Mark in Atlanta that I just forgot to write about. And those weekends won't ever happen again. We were engaged, our wedding was only a few months away, both of us were struggling to finish our last year of college and those weekends were stolen bits of time together in between life and everything else. I know that in order to be better at documenting the little moments, I need to be better about keeping my camera close and snapping more pictures of our life. So that's resolution #2.

I started off 2013 with a 365 photo challenge. At the time, I wasn't a big fan of the pictures I took then, but looking back now I really love them. I only lasted until mid-March before I started missing days. I struggled to find things to take photos of. It was nasty winter weather outside and I was spending the majority of my days writing articles on transportation legislation and trying to plan a wedding. But the point is, I'll never be writing articles on transportation legislation in that tiny apartment on Meadow St again. I'll never be planning my wedding again. So the photos from that time in my life mean a lot to look back on. There's a lot more firsts coming in the new year and I really hope I'll be better at saving those little moments on here.

It's not going to be a breeze. This week I officially joined the 9-5 workday masses which will make photo-taking and blogging a little more difficult, but you can always find time for the things you enjoy...and this place that I can fill with my own words and photos of our newly-married life is a thing I enjoy. So here's to 2014! I've been so excited for this year to arrive and now that it's finally here I can't wait to see all the crazy memories that come from it.

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  1. Aww I love your resolutions!! Here's to a great new year with lots of new memories, and if you ever need someone to commiserate with on the 9-5 workday + blog, you know where to look. ;) (It's so totally worth it though -- you'll be amazing at it! Congrats on the new job!!)

    1. Thank you, Laicie! I handled part-time + college, so 9-5 workday + blog is going to be awesome! (right?!) Happy new year!

  2. Don't you just love technology, smart phones, and staying connected? :)
    I am a big fan of photos - cheers me up when I'm down. It's always good to have something to remind you of the places you've been to. I had a boss who really encouraged me and everyone else who were under her to take photos as much as we can and for as long as we can. I know why ....

    Have a great year ahead,
    R U S S

    1. Yes! I just got my first iPhone this weekend (waaaay behind the times, I know) but I'm so excited about having something in my pocket that I can document all the little moments with.


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