Weekend links 1.25.14

Saturday, January 25, 2014

This week seemed to go by faster than usual because of a few snow days thrown in there. Just a hint of snow in Richmond will shut the whole city down and this week was no exception. Now the snow has mostly turned to ice and it's bitter cold out there. My sofa + a warm blanket + Hulu seems like the safest way to spend this weekend. 

Here are a few things I've bookmarked through the week:

Trust your gut
"The next time you get that little feeling in your gut...that little tingling, twinge, or butterfly-esque feeling that urges you to go one way or another, try not to overpower it with though. Let it in, let it simmer, let it be.

The lost art of vocabulary
"Social media is taking over, and chances are, the blogs you do read are through your social media streams. Instagram is fast becoming the instant fix to quick blogging on the go, and has replaced blogging for some individuals altogether. In conversations, vocabulary use is being replaced with imagery, snap chat, text messaging and photo captions."

- Wishlist: this Proud Mary totethis spoon restthis Big Planner and this Whipping Post tote

Is social media ruining your career?
"Your Facebook status box is not your best friend. Don't use it to vent complaints about your friends, your boyfriend, your current employer or coworkers, or even the clumsy Starbucks barista. Keep it classy -- and keep your problems to yourself."

- This Georgetown city guide makes me want to hop the metro tomorrow! There were a lot of shops on this guide that I didn't even realize were in Georgetown.

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  1. Ahh I love that piece about the lost art of vocabulary. It's so sad but true. In unrelated news, I agree that the red tote and the big planner are fabulous!


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