A new last name

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

When Mark and I got our marriage license, the clerk also gave us a packet of information on changing my last name. As I was reading through it, I noticed at the bottom in small print it said: "We recommend submitting this paperwork within the first six months of marriage." I remember laughing and thinking, "Who waits 6 months before changing their name?!"

Fast-forward 8 months and guess who finally, finally got her name changed! I kept pushing it off that first summer after we were married, because who wants to sit in the DMV on a beautiful sunny day? Not me. When I started back to school in the fall for my last semester, it was easy to forget about it because everything at school was under my maiden name. By the time I graduated and the holidays arrived, it was just getting ridiculous. Procrastination was getting the better of me. So I sucked it up and dug up the forms I had filled out 8 months ago and marched myself down to the Social Security Administration Office and you know what? It was the easiest, quickest thing I've ever done. I was in and out so fast that I had time to go by the bank and the DMV and still be home before lunch.  I felt a little ridiculous for taking so long to get it done, but regardless, it feels good to sign Torres after my name now.

Surely there's someone else out there who took an unreasonable amount of time to change their name, too. Right? Right??

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  1. Yes! Haha, I took forever as well. I always planned on doing it, but I kept putting it off. I thought I'd end up waiting in the Secretary of State Office forever, but it only took 10 minutes. We were married a little over a year when I finally did it :X

    1. I knew I couldn't be the only one! I don't feel so bad anymore. ;)

  2. Ok, just reading this post now and I have to tell you, it has been three years, THREE YEARS. I have to say that school got in the way a bit, but to be honest I have some major thoughts of sadness and anger when I think about giving up my last name. I can't do it. Clearly. I have been contemplating a post about this issue, and I finally feel like I need to sit down and write it. xo

    1. Please do! I'd love to read it. It would have taken 3 years for me to do it if it hadn't gotten super complicated trying to remember which name to use. You could always change your middle name to your maiden name. I didn't think about that when I was changing my name and I have the teeniest bit of regret for not doing that.


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