A Weekend In Boston

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I didn't mean to just check out for the past week, but things have just been so busy lately. They're calling for snowmageddon here for the rest of the week and even though I'm totally over snow, I wouldn't mind a few snow days. I like the way that things are forced to slow down when the snow falls (at least here in the South). If you've been following me on twitter or instagram, you may know that Mark has been working in Boston and I flew up there this past weekend to road trip back with him. The weekend didn't really turn out like we expected. We had big plans for exploring Boston and not a one of those plans really happened. Mark had been fighting a cold and when we woke up on Saturday morning, it was obvious that he wasn't feeling great. We decided to head out anyways, but by the time we got to Boston, he was feeling weak and feverish. It was approximately 28 below 0 (or at least it felt that way) so we took in a few sites from the car. After driving around Beacon Hill and Newbury Street for a little while, we decided to park and brave the weather. By this time, I was starting to feel sick as well and we were both shivering in our boots. We ducked into a Tex-Mex place for lunch and as soon as we could, got back in the car and drove back to where we were staying. We spent the rest of the evening in bed, sleeping off whatever that ickiness was and watching episodes of Chicago PD. I felt guilty a few times for being so close to such an awesome city and not exploring it, but then I thought about the warm blankets over me and my cute husband right beside me and decided that if we were going to spend a weekend feeling gross, we might as well do it side-by-side in Boston.

On Sunday, we started the long drive home and made it to New York City before it started pouring snow on us. (Sidenote: Apparently, Sunday was some big anniversary for the Beatles and almost every station was playing tribute music to them, including an old bluegrass country station. It was awesome! I've already placed my birthday request for a record of bluegrass Beatles songs :) We made it to the Pennsylvania border before we had to pull off and get a hotel for the night. Toss in some Chili's take-out and the Olympics and we both called it a pretty great night.

It wasn't the trip we planned or expected, but we made it work. Sometimes the unexpected is much better suited for the moment than the expected. (If that makes any sense). Boston, we'll come see you again in warmer weather and do you right.

P.S. Does Boston remind anyone else of a mixture between Washington D.C. and Charleston?

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