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Friday, February 14, 2014

I'll admit, I've actually been enjoying these snow days. The anticipation of a huge snow storm is the best part and being able to lounge around in my pjs all day is a close second. I have no intention of leaving the house anytime soon, but I know there are  plenty of people who don't get a snow day and still have to venture out into the snow and ice. It's scary to read about all the accidents and wrecks that have happened. One article said there was more than one car wreck a minute here in Richmond over a 24-hour period. One wreck a minute! That's insane! Hopefully where ever you are, you're staying toasty warm and safe!

Mark and I have no big Valentine's Day plans. He's been out plowing the roads since the snow started Wednesday night and finally got home this morning. We've had a lazy day so far with me working on work projects and him doing the laundry for me. (!!) Tomorrow is my birthday so hopefully the snow melts a little so we can get out and celebrate with my family and sister (who also turns 23!).

A few things I've bookmarked this week:

The 44 Worst Things About Planning a Wedding.
Planning a wedding sucks. I do realize there are future brides who enjoy the process, but I'm convinced these unicorns have simply  been hypnotized by Swarovski crystals or intoxicated by scrapbooking glue fumes.

Loved reading Fran's hilarious love story.

I can totally relate to this. I am cold all. the. time.

Three ways to tie a scarf

Gotta get my crafty husband to make me a concrete letter. It would make a great bookend!

I'm excited to follow along with Sometimes Sweet's Journal Days.

Justifying the Cost of Experiences
We spend a lot of money over the course of the year. And in those 265 days, some of that money is spent on pretty dumb stuff. And thousands of it gets spend on food. FOOD! Do you ever look back and reminisce on food you ate five years ago? I don't. But memorable experiences? Those stick around. And we ain't getting those memorable experiences by working every day of our lives. 
^^Amen, amen and amen^^

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  1. OMG I love these links so much. The wedding planning thing--totally. This is why we did a stateside destination wedding with just family! Also, I too am cold all the time! I mean, space heaters and heated blankets year round. Or pretty close. That post was hilarious. And the last article makes me want to stop eating to save up for a vacation. Ha.

  2. Everyone told me when we were planning our wedding to enjoy it, that I would miss it when it was over, you only get to plan a wedding once, yada yada yada. In hindsight, I say...thank goodness! Being married is way more fun than planning the actual wedding.


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