Over the Weekend

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

As I'm typing this from my living room, we're going into hour 8 of snow. The beautiful 70 degrees of the weekend has disappeared and it's been a blizzard of ice and snow all day. I could rant for days about how I feel about this, but no one wants to read about that. Such is March. And this snow storm and I are on amicable terms since it gave me a day at home with my husband who finally got back home early this morning. Snow, you ain't so bad. 

And, now, a gratuitous amount of photos from my sunny weekend.
^Breakfast of champions. Kinda. ^
^This house has random spots on the floor that are always toasty warm.^
^So happy to finally have my car back. It's been in the shop for the past week and I've missed it!^
^Potato corn chowder in the making. It looked so pretty, but it was even better afterwards!^
^A reference was made at work last week about this movie. I was the only person who had never seen it so that had to be remedied immediately. It lived up to the hype. Go watch yourself some Shawshank.^

^The final product...yum!^

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  1. Glad you finally watched Shawshank! Have to find ways to entertain yourself with all the crazy weather out there!! Hope it gets sunnier for you guys soon.


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