Over the Weekend

Monday, March 10, 2014

Commented at least a million times on how happy I was about the weather. Blog posts about the weather (cold or hot) have got to stop, but for one last time....the weather this weekend was awesome!

Acted like a lean, mean cleaning machine on Saturday morning and got this house in tip-top shape.

Walked through Hollywood Cemetery. If you're ever in Richmond, you need to visit this gorgeous place! Even if you're not that into history, the view of the James River plus weird-name-spotting makes it worth the trip. 

Made a promise to start walking more now that it's warming up. Our measly little walk through Hollywood left my leg muscles crying. 

Played wiffle ball. #nufsaid

Talked about summer vacations and road trips.

Ate ice cream outside on the same exact steps that were covered in snow and ice last week.

Cleaned up the drafts section of my blog and worked on some old posts that have been bugging me lately.

Smiled about that extra hour of daylight.

Changed the font on this blog and feel much better about it now. There are a lot of tweaks I want to make to this layout, but I'm learning as I go so it's a slow slow process. Sorry in advance ;)

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  1. I do like the font! Glad you guys had another sunny weekend (I'm behind on my blogroll, sorry). It will be warm soon enough! These pics make me miss Virginia so much!


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