Over the Weekend

Monday, March 17, 2014

It was a good weekend, a really good weekend. Even though this winter seems to be never-ending (I'm looking at you, Monday), the few scattered 70 degree days breathe new life into everything. Saturday was one of those days and, even though we're back to freezing rain, I'll take those rare 70 degree days because they remind me that this weather will stop eventually. Spring has come every year for centuries on end, without fail, and this year will be no exception. Right? Right??

A few things we did over the weekend...

Found an enormous outdoor rug for our porch. I'm really excited to start spending our evenings out there!

Slept in like a bunch of teenagers on Saturday. The funny thing was we had a conversation the night before about how we were not going to sleep in and waste our morning. Heh.

Spent an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest and Craigslist searching for outdoor furniture ideas.

Opened all the windows and doors and let the sun shine all over this house.

Listened to those unmistakable sounds of spring - wind chimes, car radios (because everyone and their uncles were driving with their windows down this weekend), birds, lawn mowers. All the good sounds, you know.

Ate at the new Carytown Mellow Mushroom. Red Potato Pizza, anyone? Yum.

Cleaned the kitchen to the tune of Spotify's Floyd Cramer radio. Old country piano music is one of my favorite things, right up there with orange sherbet push-ups. I even made a short playlist for you. Feeling special yet? 

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