Over the Weekend

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Traveled to ATL to attend a wedding reception and visit Mark's family
Ventured out with bare legs for the first time since fall. 
Soaked up as much sun as possible. The weather was awesome while we were there!
Listened to "Hey Brother" on repeat. It might be my new favorite song.
Hung out with some good friends that we don't see nearly enough.
Ate at The Vortex for the first time. Mark had eaten there a few years ago and has been dreaming about their spicy burger ever since. If you can get past the dark (kinda-scary) bar atmosphere, the food is actually really good!
Mosey'd through Kudzu. I always love it when we have a few extra hours to wonder through that place!
Found the Everly Brothers record that Norah Jones and Billie Joe Armstrong re-made in their Foreverly album.
Bought a sweet little vintage vase that I promptly filled with Trader Joe tulips. They're making me smile every morning and are making this work-week much better!

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