Over the Weekend

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mark has been working his butt off making a DIY seating area for our screened porch. It's coming together and I'm so excited about using it when it weather warms up a little more! So while he was playing with lumber and power tools this weekend, I went shopping with my sister to find throw pillows for the house. Do you have any idea how incredibly HARD it is to find affordable throw pillows?! The average price was $25 for just one little pillow! And, apparently, that's on the cheap side. I was getting very frustrated, but Target clearance came to my rescue and I finally found two cuties for $7 bucks. The cheapskate in me was satisfied and my couch looks happier too!

In other news, I finally finished my book for February. Remember my goal to read one book a month? Yeah...that's working out well. So I ran by the library this weekend to stock up for April. Maybe I can squeeze two in this month (especially since I'll have a snazzy new porch area to sit and read!) 

Sunday involved a lot of food, visitors, talking, and a round or two of Balderdash. It was kind of perfect. I even sneaked a nap in there. Weekends like this make Monday morning so much better. And also the rain that plagued us all weekend has finally cleared out and it's supposed to be 70 all week! There's even a blessed 80 degrees in there for one day this week. 

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