A few things I'm loving lately

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spotify Premium. I've been using Spotify for years now, but I only just took the leap into Spotify Premium. Mainly because I needed music to accompany me on my evening runs (aka walk as fast as you can and pretend you're running) and Spotify Premium can stream without using my data. Right now, I'm using their free 30 day trial, because I'm a cheapskate and hate having to pay monthly subscriptions. This just makes me super motivated to get in as many "runs" as possible before my 30 days are up. Oh, they're now offering Spotify Premium 50% off for students so you might as well put that student ID to work for you while you still can. I kinda miss taking advantage of all those discounts, but that is one small price to pay for never having to go to class again.

Fresh-cut grass. Mark mowed the yard for the first time this year and the smell was heavenly. He doesn't get it (allergy plagued person that he is), but I think freshly-cut-grass-smell beats all the other good smells in the world. You know, like coffee and citrus and bacon frying.

5pm - 9pm. There's something so great about these hours during the summer. During the winter, they always seem to escape so fast. Now, I have time to check out Old Navy's sale before going home for a run and dinner. And there's still a few hours of daylight left over to lounge on the porch, read a book and watch the latest Voice episode.

Boston ferns. We just bought two of these for our porch and they're so happy looking! I'm hoping they'll be strong enough to survive my black thumb. I read that they like a lot of water, so I've been watering them every day. After having only succulents for so long, I feel like I'm drowning this plant but, so far, they seem to like it. If you have any fern tips, let me know! A bird has built a nest in one of them and we've had lots of fun watching them. It has also led to a lot of questions like, "How do birds know when to make a nest?" and "How do eggs fit inside such a tiny bird?" Yeah, things are getting pretty deep over here at the Torres residence. ;)

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