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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This weekend was one of those where I felt completely removed from daily life. Which was awesome. I think that removing ourselves from our normal every now and then is good for us. It made Monday morning not so bad. Also, I've been seeing this series floating around the blogosphere lately and I've been enjoying put my own spin on it for these weekend recap posts. If you've done a version of it, feel free to leave a link. I'd love to check it out!

Made the harrowing drive up I-95 to northern Virginia. Traffic was lovely and by lovely I mean horrible. But the good news was the sun was shining bright, we had the sunroof open and good company to talk with.
Cooked nothing (exactly how it should be on the weekend - in my opinion) but I did make a Caesar salad and it was goood! I'm going to give a week worth of salads a try, so send me all yo salad recipes!
Drank the last can of Coca-Cola in the fridge and savored it because we've made a pact to not buy anymore sodas (for the time being, at least).
Wished for slightly warmer weather. Easter seems to be notoriously chilly every year. I can't remember a single Easter when those short spring dresses actually looked weather-appropriate.
Bought some new throw pillows for the porch and curtains for our bedroom at Ikea. (Also, $4.99 throw pillows, ya'll!)
Loved stopping by Carl's for a strawberry sugar cone Sunday evening. This little place is the essence of summer in Virginia. If you're ever passing through downtown Fredericksburg, make a point to stop here. You won't regret it.
Marveled at how different everything looks now that the leaves have come back. It's like that the last little bit of winter has gone away and everything became so freaking pretty! 
Smelled citrus candles. Our house gets that old-house-smell whenever we shut it up for a few days, so I lit a lemon candle as soon as we got home. It makes the house smell amazing!
Wore a new royal blue pencil skirt. I've been looking for one similar to this for ages and finally found one at JC Penney's for a fraction of the cost. Score!
Ate at Jackson's in Northern Virginia. Crab cake sandwiches for the win!

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