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Thursday, April 24, 2014

+ I have this board called wishlist where I pin pretty things that I'd like to have. There's three watches pinned on this board. The thing is I never wear watches. I don't even like wearing watches.

+ I have boards that I never pin to anymore and sometimes I think about deleting them but the thing is I feel sentimental about them. I created a tiny dwellings board when I moved into my first college apartment and was trying to find ways to stay organized in such a tiny space. The wedding board was made before Mark & I were even engaged (it was a secret board then :) and that bicycles board was one of the very first boards I ever made.

+ Sometimes I'll find rather useful pins on Pinterest that would be really great to pin. The thing is I shove them all on a secret board because I don't like the picture.

+ Ever so often I go through my boards and change all the cover photos so they complement the cover photos of the boards around them. The things is I'm just weird like that.

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  1. Haha these are funny! I feel the same way about watches. I feel like they make my wrist look fat! I need to go through and change my cover photos soon, so thanks for reminding me!!

    1. I also have this thing called an iPhone that is permanently attached to my body and it tells me the time just fine. No watches needed!


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