Weekend links 4.18.14

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday. Finally. [Insert huge sigh of relief here].

I've been thinking about this article that I read earlier in the week about not complaining. I don't know if I'm fully on board with it (sometimes you've just got to complain and get it out of your system), but it has made me realize how often I say things that come off as complaining -- even if I don't particularly mean them that way. For example, when I was kissing Mark goodbye this morning before going to work, I said, "I wish I could spend the day with you." It was a true statement, but then I realized how whiny it sounded. Wouldn't it have been better to just smile and wish my husband a good day? Yeah, probably. So I'm trying to pay a little more attention to those phrases that just slip off my tongue and sound like complaints.

There should be no complaints this weekend, though. Mark is back in town, the weather is warming up and we're taking a weekend trip to Washington, DC. All good things, people, all good things. Here are a few things I bookmarked this week:

Watch this little baby age 14 years in 4 minutes
Love the idea of spelling out a word with rope lights
I think I need this: the tiny Instagram projector
This is the sweetest announcement video ever
Face it: English is a crazy language
You know that magic button you've been wishing for: here it is
I'm still following along with The Fresh Exchange's European adventures
Another video that you should watch. It's too good to skip. Seriously.

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  1. I'm a huuuge complainer, and I wish I wasn't! I hate that I come off as ungrateful when things really could be a lot worse. I loved Ashlee's announcement video, although I watched it at work with the volume off so I might have to watch it again for the full effect. Half the bloggers I follow are either announcing their pregnancies or having babies this week- there's something in the links I swear! I've been following The Fresh Exchange's trip, too. Jealous to the max!
    Have a great weekend Whitney!

    1. Thanks so much, Emma! We'll just keep appreciating the creative pregnancy announcements from a safe distance :)

  2. I have been trying to be more grateful and complain less these days, but I do think we sometimes just get in the habit of it. Like, it gives us something to talk about. I think you're right that it's important to vent every now and then, but it is also good to realize how good we have it, too! So I totally love that little Instagram projector. So dang cute! And the announcement video makes me want another baby, which is dangerous! Mine is only 10 months old! :) Great links, as always!

  3. That magic button totally made me smile, so I'm gonna go ahead and say it works. And I definitely complain too much... I think I need to go read that article. ;)


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