Weekend links 4.25.14

Friday, April 25, 2014

^our classy flag with the tag still attached^

We had grand plans for a beach getaway this weekend, but decided to scratch them after checking the weather. It's going to be a gorgeous weekend here, but not so much at the beach. I've been dreaming of hot weather, sun, sand and bikinis and this weekend just wasn't shaping up to be that. Instead, we'll spending time here at home and who can complain about that?

What do you think of the new Twitter design? I'm starting to really like it.
Dolly Parton slowed down and sped up
Need to buy this doormat.
That time Cleveland released 1.5 million balloons and chaos ensued.
How to get fancy-schmancy candles for half the price.
A fun new blog series to follow.
3 pretty hairstyles to try.
Have you thought about changing your blog's name? I think about that all the time, but haven't pulled the trigger.

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