What I'm Reading, Vol. Sixteen

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A look through the window: Theron Humphrey's Wild Idea to Reconnect in Real Time
In a modern time of sharing through social and hardly ever being face to face, Theron is an anomaly, a throwback to Kerouac-ian life on the road that was genuinely about finding a home everywhere and friends in everyone.

"You gotta point your camera at what you love, something that stirs you up, even when you don't have an audience and no one is lookin...that's how you grow as an image maker." For Theron, sometimes a photo can work as a timestamp, or it's simply just as a testament to the beauty of life or, "Art for art's sake."

15 Things That Introverts Would Never Tell You
Introverts get a bad rap in a world that celebrates extroversion and "people-persons". There are things introverts wish you knew about them that would help any relationship or situation. For instance, we are not anti-social or depressed, we're just different. In fact, many envy us for our self-contained, cool manner that keeps others calm, focused, and safe. People love us, in secret. As introverts, we have many "ways" that only our closest friends understand. Here are several things about introverts you may not know.
1. We don't care about your birthday.
2. We don't need you to care about our birthday.
3. We don't really like networking events.
4. We force ourselves to act like we like you.
5. We like to write things out.
6. We can do the extrovert thing, for a while.
7. We are okay alone.
8. We make a choice to be with you - appreciate it.

I cannot wipe the tears from your avatar or hear the tremble of your voice's keyboard. You cannot see past the keyhold of my filtered Instagram photos and edited words. The Internet is the business of slivers: cropped images and clickable headlines and truncated word counts. But humans? We bring baggage. And it seems there is no great place to store our suitcases, is there?

Even still, we must try. We must peer through windows, standing on our tiptoes with cupped hands and wide eyes, hoping to learn something about the souls that reside elsewhere. To find something familiar to latch onto, or perhaps to learn something so far from what we know that it sits deep within us, forcing us to tuck it into our suitcase to carry onto the next adventure.

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  1. I consider myself to be a huuuge introvert by nature, so I always love reading lists of things introverts supposedly do to see if they match. They're so true!!
    I love these little snippets of thoughts. They're very interesting, so thanks for sharing!!

    1. I thought they were pretty good! I feel like people often think of introverts as quiet and shy when really, we can be so witty and sarcastic (if only on the inside!)


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