Celebrating year one

Thursday, May 29, 2014

We celebrated our anniversary a week early this year. It worked out perfectly because it made the celebrations last longer! We didn't follow the traditional anniversary gift guide. Apparently, it's paper for your first year anniversary. Forget that. My one request was a beach weekend. Mark's was a giant rolling tool kit from Sears. We both got what we wanted. See, this marriage thing isn't that hard. :) 

We drove to the beach Friday night and spent the next two days perfecting the definition of relaxation. Seriously, we were the laziest goons around. We didn't get fancy. Our day on the beach consisted of PB&J's and a bag of Cheetos. But, seriously, there's no one else I'd rather eat PB&J's on a beach with. Cue the awww's.
Book + beach chairs + umbrella + cute guy beside me. All the makings of a perfect anniversary weekend.
Here's hoping for many more PB&J lunch dates on the beach with my main man.

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