Every sick day needs some Jack Bauer

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sick days are a funny thing. My mind gets all excited about having an unexpected day off. I can catch up on the never-ending laundry, clean my house, go shopping, get my hair cut, mow the grass, etc etc. And then my body basically laughs in the face of all those plans while sleep and tissues take over my life. We all get brought down by a stupid cold every now and then, so I put together a list of essentials for those kind of days.

+ A good book. I've been reading this one.
+ Sunshine. Maybe you can't be out galavanting in it, but just drag a chair outside and soak up some rays.
+ The latest episode of 24. Or anything on Hulu for that matter. 
+ An evening thunderstorm. I don't know about you but the sound of rolling thunder makes me incredibly happy, even when I'm sick.
+ Lots and lots and lots of fluids. I've been putting my CamelBak to good use these last few days. 
+ A little Pinterest browsing. 
+ Your favorite music playing softly. Like this song or this song.

What are your sick day essentials? Here's hoping you don't need them anytime soon though.

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  1. haha- I am SO with you!
    I was feeling just totally blah yesterday....and called in sick to work- but then was too tired to really get anything done!
    I did catch up on tons of e-mails....and make a whole stock pile of beans in the crock pot, but other than that....nothing.

    I agree that sunshine totally helps though!


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