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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Someone asked me recently how I find time to blog, so I thought I'd address that here. Since graduating, I've spent a lot more time on this blog than in the past. It's funny how much time one has to blog when they're not working their butts off to meet college deadlines. Besides having more time, the thing that really made me jump into blogging this year was my goal to document our life more. It dawned on me that I've been blogging on this platform for two years through some of the biggest moments of my life - dating Mark, getting engaged, starting a career, getting married, graduating from college - and, yet, I had done a terrible job of documenting those moments. At the beginning of this year, I started making an effort to blog about the little moments of our lives more. I could still do a much better job of it, but it has definitely made me catch the blogging bug.

I really have no set way of blogging consistently. When something works, I run with it. Right now, Sunday afternoons are my blogging time. I'll come up with a plan for the week and start as many posts as possible that afternoon. Ideally, I'll finish and schedule them but often I just have a series of drafts for the week ahead. Throughout the week, I'll put the final touches on each post and publish them. Knowing that I have posts scheduled and ready to go is what makes blogging fun for me and not a chaotic mess. The more organized I am, the more I enjoy blogging and actually want to blog. I've noticed that when I stop blogging for awhile, it's hard to get back into a routine so I always try to have a post in the works so this doesn't happen. The best thing about blogging, though, is there are no set rules. Sure, there's a lot of blogging advice floating around the interwebs, but the blogging industry is still so new that each blogger can develop their own blogging process and rhythm. This is simply what works for me at the moment. It might change next week, but if I've learned anything while blogging it's that if something's working, you've gotta just run with it.

How do you find the time to blog? Do you use an editorial calendar to stay on track? I'd love to hear. 

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  1. I enjoyed this post! =) Also, I love your blog's layout. It looks so fresh and crisp! Keep writing because I love following! Haha!

    1. Thanks, Abi! I just added your blog to my Bloglovin' feed. So excited about following other bloggers that I actually know!


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