Our Wedding: The Details

Friday, May 23, 2014

This is the last in my series of wedding photos. Thanks for following along. I hope you're not too sick of seeing wedding photos here, but it's been fun for me to relive our day in photos. Wedding photos really are one of the most valuable things you can spend time and money on. I've probably looked at these images a million times since May 25, 2013. I love noticing little details in our pictures that I hadn't noticed before. It brings back so many memories! 

In this post, I'm focusing on the little details of our day -- both planned and unplanned. This part of the wedding planning process simultaneously drove me insane and made me super happy. I had a lot of helpers in the detail department and that was my life saver. My biggest piece of advice, though, is to not stress about the details. They seemed so important during the planning process, but on the day of our wedding I barely noticed a single one of them. There were several details that we had to just let go, whether for the sake of time or my sanity, but in the end it didn't matter.

First up: our wedding invites! This was probably the most difficult DIY task we took on. Mark and I had this bright idea to screenprint the invites ourselves. We found the perfect paper bag note cards at Paper Source and purchased the screens from Hobby Lobby. It was a very slow process and involved a lot of trial-and-error. We were both getting more than a little snappy with each other by the time we finished. Afterwards, we joked that it was just a test to see if we could truly put up with each other when we're married. My hat is off to you if you choose to go this route with your wedding invitations, but personally I wouldn't recommend it. If I had to do it again, I'd probably just order some invites from Minted.
My sister made the huge pendant banner that was strung from the ceiling of the reception tent. It was well over 30 feet long and took quite a lot of hands to hang it and then take it down. After the wedding, we cut it into several shorter banners and I now have a piece of it hanging over our bed.

We had several buckets of flowers sitting around the lawn during the reception. Because these weren't centerpieces, I didn't specify the flowers and just had our florist use whatever was in bloom. The coolest part was that she ended up using a lot of weeds and honeysuckle vines as filler. I've never seen a bouquet of weeds look so pretty! Peonies were in full bloom, so they became the main attraction. I wrote more about the peonies at our wedding in this post.
The tote bag favors were another enormous labor of love. Mark screenprinted each one of these by hand as well. They were a huge hit and, to this day, I get happy whenever I see some of our friends carrying one around.
This picture makes me smile, because I can remember this moment so strongly. Notice the goosebumps down my arm.The day before our wedding, a cold front blew in. After a hot and humid week of preparation, the day of our wedding arrived with 20mph winds. (This was one of those unplanned details I was talking about) If you know me at all, you know that I can't stand being cold. I will gladly take a sweltering 100 degrees over being cold, so this turn of events worried me to no end. I had prepared myself for rain, but huge gusts of wind?? I seriously considered wearing leggings under my wedding dress, I was so cold that morning. Thankfully, I didn't but it was about to happen. This photo was taken right before Mark and I had our first look and I honestly can't tell you if I was shivering from cold or nervous excitement at that point. Probably cold. I made a point to stand in the sun the rest of the day and had a nice sunburn on my shoulders that night.
Serving coffee was a last minute detail that we didn't plan for. Because of the chilly weather that morning, my mother and sisters' rounded up a coffee pot and as many coffee cups as they could find to serve the guests at the reception. I didn't even know we had coffee until I saw some of the guests drinking it! I loved having family and friends at our wedding who saw something that needed to be done and just jumped in and took care of it. This is a huge advantage when you're planning a wedding. On any given day, there's a million little decisions that need to be made but not every decision needs to be run by the bride. At least not this bride. I was perfectly happy to hand over some of the decision-making.
For our getaway, we went through several ideas -- sparklers, confetti, streamers, rice. Ultimately, I wanted something that wouldn't litter the ground and need to be cleaned up afterwards. So we went with party horns! We set up several baskets full of horns and noise makers for the guests to use as we left the reception. The kids loved it!
We left our wedding in my uncle's vintage Chevrolet pickup. Because it is his pride and joy, the boys were strictly forbidden to decorate it with shaving cream and window markers. Instead, my sister made the cute little bunting swag that's hung on the tailgate and we strung several empty cans to the back bumper. I was a little sad to leave the party (the day went by so fast!) but we hopped a train to New York the next day and had a blast! You can read about our honeymoon adventures here. Thanks for indulging me on our anniversary week! Now go enjoy your long weekend.

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  1. I've loved your wedding posts this weeks! Such a beautiful and unique wedding! :)

    1. Thank you, Sarah! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  2. I'm going back thru your wedding posts... Can I just say your wedding was all kinds of perfect? I love love that cake. I want to have a party just so I can recreate that cake!

    1. Oh man, I would LOVE to taste that cake again. I'd love to re-live the whole day again, for that matter!


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