Our Wedding: The Reception

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our reception was one of my favorite parts of the day. After the ceremony, we had a receiving line in front of the enormous boxwood hedges. This was the first time we really got to see our guests and hug everyone. I didn't see anyone while I was walking down the aisle or standing during the ceremony. I knew there was a sea of faces out there, but I couldn't focus on that. It was so fun to  be able to mill around with our guests and say hi to everyone without rushing to take pictures. After we said hi to everyone, we snapped a few family photos together while our guests left us notes and took polaroid photos of each other for our guestbook. 

Throwing the seating chart out the window was another thing that I'm so glad we did! Most of our guests knew each other already so everyone was super comfortable with just grabbing a seat wherever. The hand lettering on the chalkboards was done by a friend of mine. That was a huge task that I was very happy to pass off to someone else. I would obsess over the process too much, so it was much better for me to just see the finished product and roll with it.
Each one of the cloth napkins at our reception was handmade by Mark's mother. She painstakingly chose the fabrics, hemmed each napkin and stitched on rick rack. The end result was BEAUTIFUL and they made a great keepsake from our wedding. We use them often at home and they're one of the few items in our home that I'm really sentimental about.
Another little detail: For our reception, I threw on this J.Crew sweater. I loved the trend of brides wearing sweaters over their wedding dresses and I had a sneaking suspicion that I would be chilly (I'm always cold!). It ended up working out perfectly since the weather was a little chilly that day. There was a general theme throughout our wedding that nothing truly matched. Green sweater, yellow shoes, red truck, orange flowers... It was more an accumulation of things I love, rather than a matching theme. Don't let Pinterest fool you. You're wedding day can be anyway you want it to be!
We served sliders, brisket, roasted potatoes, and spring veggies during the reception. All of it was made by some member of my family and served with the help of friends. It was a huge undertaking, but we pulled it off! If we had to do it again, I don't think I would go this route. We saved a ton of money by catering the meal ourselves, but it is a lot of extra work. We proved it was possible though and those sliders were delicious!
Drinking orange Nehi's is one of my strongest childhood memories, so it made perfect sense to have them at the wedding. Our wedding cake was also made by a friend and we served it along with cream cheese pound cakes that my great-aunts made. They were so good and I still wish I had been able to sneak a second piece!
The garland that we used as a photobooth backdrop was a huge undertaking. Not difficult, just huge! We hung it from the branches of a magnolia tree and set up a suitcase of props for our guests to use. From the very beginning, we knew that we wanted to incorporate Polaroid cameras into our wedding day. Since our dating days, we have both been obsessed with polaroids. We decided to use the photos to create a wedding guestbook. We used a vintage Polaroid Land Camera and an Instax. To make sure we got photos of all of our guests, we made one of our friends the official polaroid photographer. We loved the shots she got throughout the day of both our guests and the wedding details. 

Mas photos tomorrow! I'll be sharing some more details of our day. 

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