Over the weekend

Monday, May 05, 2014

Ate breakfast on Saturday at an old-fashion pharmacy diner. French toast and bacon for the win!
Read the first chapter of King of Cuba. I'm still wrapping up April's book, but in order to not fall too far
behind, I'm starting May's as well. Also, those library due dates keep sneaking up on me.
Learned how to mow grass. It's about time my 23-year-old self figured this out. I'm super proud of my skills too and have been pointing out how nice my front yard looks to anyone and everyone. 
Bought a few summer basics from H&M, like this super comfy t-shirt
Rearranged the apps on my phone and subsequently went insane. I've been opening the wrong apps all weekend.
Walked into Target with nothing particular in mind. Yes, I know how incredibly stupid that is. I came out with a water bottles, blush, a sports bra, a polka-dotted notebook and fruit gummies. It could've been much, much worse.
Listened to the Kentucky Derby.
Booked a hotel for our anniversary weekend. All the exclamation points!

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