Over the weekend

Monday, May 12, 2014

There are so many good things I could say about the weekend. It was one of my favorites. Summer has finally arrived in Richmond and I couldn't be happier about it. This is my time of the year. The heat, the evening thunderstorms, eating outside, popsicles, sandals. I'm in love with every bit of it. To make it even better, Mark was home after working out of town all week and spending two straight days with my favorite guy was pretty awesome.

On Saturday, we walked to the Strawberry street festival. It felt good to ditch our car for the day and walk everywhere. I give Richmond grief sometimes but it really is a great city to stroll through - especially the Museum and Fan districts. We stepped into the fine arts museum on our way. It was my first time visiting, which kis sad because we've lived within walking distance for almost three years! The museum is free to walk through, but honestly the grounds around it were more impressive to me than the art inside. If you're a huge art history fan, you'll love it though.

The street festival was made up of local vendors and about 5,000 kids waiting to get their faces painted. King of Pops was there as well, but if the kids weren't getting their faces painted, they were standing in line to get popsicles. I'll score one before the summer is over. We ended the day with an epic summer evening thunderstorm. I'm telling you, the weekend pulled out all stops. 

I'm starting Monday off sick in bed, but on the bright side -- it's hot outside, the sun is shining and there's only 4 more days until our anniversary beach getaway. Have a great (non-sick) week!

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  1. Glad I found your blog! Such beautiful photos!
    I too am SICK this week, and it's a bummer cause the sun is shining and I want nothing more than to bask in it!

    1. Thanks, Amy! Hope you're feeling better soon. Being sick is for the birds (especially when it's so nice out!)


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