The Franklin Inn

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We stopped by the Franklin Inn last week with my sister and her roommate to celebrate the last day of classes. I may not be in school anymore, but I can definitely raise a glass to a semester's ending. I remember all too well that feeling of relief and hallelujah choirs singing from the rooftops when the last day of classes finally arrived. 

This little corner restaurant definitely lived up to, if not exceeded, our expectations. We ate on patio since the never-ending winter of 2014 has, in fact, ended and now every meal must be eaten outside. It's the rules. The portions were huge! I ordered the crabcake sandwich and my sister ordered their chicken salad BLT sandwich. Throw in some giant pickle spears, homemade chips, sweet potato fries, and hush puppies and we were in food heaven. 

Some fun things about the Franklin Inn:
1. It's on the National Historic Registry
2. It sits on the corner of two streets named after Benjamin Franklin and Grover Cleveland. 
3. I hear they have a fantastic weekend brunch.
4. The original owners open the Franklin Inn in 1930 and lived above the restaurant in a small apartment.

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