What I'm Reading, Vol. Seventeen

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day! Here a few interesting/funny/relatable articles I've been reading lately. Kick back in your beach chair (or wherever you are this Monday) and enjoy!
Depending on the day - or our personality - this image could be a nice piece of inspiration or something that adds to feelings of inadequacy. But when you take a second look it hits you: This is a photo of a girl videotaping another girl wearing a blazer on a beach jumping up and down like she's just won the lottery. Even though the image isn't based on a realistic day at the beach, it gets tons of shares in social media. Probably more than if the two girls were just walking along together sans blazer and euphoric jumping jacks. Which is why the photo was made in the first place. And why much of the most popular content on Pinterest and Instagram is so curated and beautiful. The most popular social media content is often exceptional, but not necessarily realistic.

What We Really Want Isn't Money (via Our Freaking Budget)
Success is such an outward achievement in our society. If you have all the things, you're considered a success. And it's so easy to get sucked in. Even though Johnny and I don't really want more stuff, we don't dislike stuff. And it feels good to be able to afford stuff. But if it ever comes down to trading stuff for more time spent not working, I hope we choose time.

Sometimes we get tired, or overly casual, or just plain excited, and we get a little crazy with our work emails. We fall into a pattern where in order to convey passion or receive approval we use exclamation points A LOT. You'd think we were gaining points in a game for how many exclamation points we are using.

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