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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I love to write by hand. I have hoards of notebooks and journals filled with lists, stories, recaps of my day, and a whole lot of random words printed and written in cursive. It doesn't really matter what I'm writing as long as I can have a pen in my hand (preferably a new Sharpie pen). I was always the person taking notes by hand in a classroom full of clacking keyboards. I would be the last one to turn in my blue book essays in college, because I would labor over my handwriting. I was going to turn in a neatly written essay even if it killed me.

It's strange to look back and see how much my hand writing has changed over the years. I was always experimenting with different letters, drawing them different ways. I still don't really have a signature handwriting style. It just depends on my mood. Sometimes I'll print my words out, stock straight like little soldiers in a line. Other times, I'll lay them on a slant with deep slashes and long tails. Most of the time, I write in cursive with some printed letters mixed in. The Spanglish of writing, if you will. No matter how I write, though, my handwriting has to be neat. It truly bothers me when my handwriting is sloppy. Weird, I know. The worse is when my lines start going downhill. Gah! I hate that.

I think my love of writing by hand was reinforced through the years by letter writing. My sisters and I were BIG letter writers growing up. My parents bought us each a personalized stationery set and we wrote letters constantly. Email? What was that?

These days everything is done over the computer and I have very little occasion to spend time handwriting a letter. I loved special occasions that force me to hand write a letter. I gladly took on addressing the invites to our wedding and writing the hundreds of thank-you notes afterwards. But why must we wait for special occasions to whip out our handwriting skills? That's why I love Minted's personalized stationery line. Try and tell me that these pretties don't inspire you to pick up a pen and write a letter any old day. I'm even considering leaving a note for our mailperson on one of these fancy cards. My favorites were the bold typographical ones like these Retro Hello cards and the Sherbet Medley set but there are so many styles to choose from! The best part about having stationery like this on hand is that you're always prepared. Baby shower card? Check. Thank you note? Check. Get well card? Check. Best of all, you're more likely to write someone a just because letter. And we all need more just because letters.

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