Happy birthday, blog!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Today this little blog turns 2 years old. It has come quite a ways since my first post and I feel like it has grown leaps and bounds in this past year. I've thought a lot about why I blog and I really have no reason other than I like to. Is that bad for a blogger to say? Do I need to have more of a purpose behind my blog? Maybe, but for right now it suits me just fine. It took me awhile to learn to be patient with this blog. When I first started, I wanted so much out of it. I played the comparison game way too much and (surprise, surprise) I burned out on it all very quickly. It stopped being fun. It was only once I started blogging for me and only me that this online journal became a fun outlet. Now, I am taken aback whenever I find out someone actually reads this blog o' mine. And I think that is a good thing! I never want to take my readers for granted.

Going forward, I hope this blog continues to grow at its own pace. I've learned so much because of it and hope it'll continue to open doors and adventures. Mostly, I love having a place to record our life.

This blog has been here through some big moments, like When Mark proposed, our engagement photo session, planning for our wedding, bridal showersgetting married, honeymooning in New York City, graduating from college, moving into our first home and celebrating our first anniversary

I also love that it's a record of so many things that, at the moment, didn't seem that exciting but now hold so many memories. Like walking to class, eating outdoors at my parents' house, weekends in CharlottesvilleAlexandriaRichmondShenandoah, and Williamsburg. There's so many memories jotted down here. It means a lot that you're interested enough to read along.

P.S. This was my first post on the blog, back in the good ole days.

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