Library of Congress

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Last week, I shared a few photos from our trip to Eastern Market in DC. We also made a quick stop at the Library of Congress that weekend as well. It was another place I had never been in DC and since it was only a few blocks away, we wandered over there to take a peek. It was beautiful -- the exterior, interior, ceilings, details, everything! The floors, though, topped it all. I couldn't get over the patterned tile, the mustard-colored starbursts and the sharp black lines. If you happened to be in the Library of Congress that day, I was the person who wasn't watching where she was walking because she was too busy taking a million pictures of the floors. 

We weren't allowed to see where the books were held, but there were a few exhibits to walk through and a gift shop. Oh, and did I mention the floors?

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