Memorial Day Weekend

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

We spent our Memorial Day weekend in the mountains of Virginia, kayaking the Shenandoah River. Something about Memorial Day and water just go together, don't you think? I feel like it's almost mandatory to find some body of water to celebrate the holiday. Obviously, we failed at this last year but it was for a good reason! We had no big plans this year since we had celebrated our anniversary the weekend before. This trip was a really spur of the moment idea. My brother texted us Saturday morning and asked if we'd like to go along and two hours later we were on our way. 

We traipsed around the riverbank until we found the perfect campsite to pitch our tent. It was right beside the water and the view was perfect! Because of the awful cell service, our phones all quickly died the first night and we were left with several hours to entertain ourselves the old-fashioned way: talking around a campfire without Instagram. It's funny for me to think about how quickly those precious evening hours fly by when we're at home and, yet, when you erase technology and most everything else from the picture, time slows down. Just a good reminder to me that we do have time, despite what we tell ourselves. It's just a matter of what we fill it with.

We rented kayaks the next day and paddled down the river. The weather couldn't have been more perfect if it tried. Of course, the boys picked the trip that had the most rapids possible and since there had been lots of rain recently, the river was going very fast. We made it through without any major accidents, thank goodness, and even though my arms were about to DIE that night, I would do a repeat trip in a heartbeat. That Monday holiday thing was pretty awesome.

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