What I'm Reading, Vol. Eighteen

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

I say that there is adventure and fun in going, but there is beauty and power in staying. Now I'm not saying don't travel! Explore your little hearts out! I sure will! But at the end of the day remember that even wildflowers need roots to survive. Staying means allowing yourself to bloom where you are planted. Staying grows relationships to deeper levels. Staying forces you to face yourself and the effects you have on others. Staying opens new realms of creativity. When running away is an easy escape, staying is brave. Staying is an adventure within itself. So don't let the world tell you that where you are isn't cool/hipster/trendy/adventurous enough. Because you have the power to make a place beautiful - imperfections and all.

Analog (via Alphabet)
In our home, analog -- of the vintage, rummaged-in-a-thrift-shop variety -- has become a preferred personal mode of listening. There is something rather satisfying in the slow search for a treasure of a record, cradling its weight in one's hands on the trip back, unraveling at home from the outside elements, pouring a drink, and unsheathing a newly acquired gem, letting it settle, quite literally, into its grooves as you settle into your own. Music, in an analog context, becomes more of an event: the large, black circle of vinyl carries so much more heft, feeling and a sense of the artists behind it than, say, simply pressing play on a touchscreen. In a time of digital, instant gratification, analog, by comparison, slows and commands our attention as we wait for our cue that it's time to flip the record over for the other side, for another half hour or so of music as a tactile, livable experience.

Even though times have drastically changed from the good ol' days when travel was considered luxurious, people are still fascinated with flight attendants. Today it's far from glamorous, but there's still something about it that makes those of us who do it continue to spread our wings and fly. Once a flight attendant, always a flight attendant. And no matter how hard we might try to explain it, nobody else seems to quite get what we do. I've been married for 10 years and my husband still has trouble understanding my schedule. So in a way maybe we are a special group. But not because we want to be. 

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