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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Necessity of Kindness (via Amp & Abi)
Everyone -- even happy people -- have an inner struggle. No one leads a perfect, happy-ever-day life. Even in this world of social media -- where we always see the beauty and the best of people, strewn across their blogs and pinboards -- there is a whole life behind the scenes. A life that no one-- maybe no one but the individual themselves -- knows. And who am I to add to their burden? Wouldn't it be better if I just reacted with kindness and generosity? To swallow my own ire and pride and simply offer a smile? We often say that our actions speak louder than our words; but really, our reactions speak even more. Because, frankly, kindness isn't a privilege. It is a necessity.

The Found Art of Thank-You Notes
Few who sit down to write a bread-and-butter note are likely to be aware that by doing so they are not only on trend but also on their way to becoming happier and more sociable people. Apparently, what Emily Post termed good manners (science prefers "gratitude intervention") has all kinds of unexpected benefits. And as it happens, the handwritten gratitude intervention seems to be experiencing a moment of vogue.

It's Too Late. Exclamation Marks Are Unstoppable Now (via New York Magazine)
The exclamation mark, once reserved for expressing joy or excitement, now simply marks baseline politeness, and when we see a text or email that lacks it, we instinctively wonder what's up. Even the experts aren't immune. "Although my training tells me not to overuse exclamation points because they are shouty and juvenile, I find myself using them because I fear being seen as unfriendly or insincere if I only use a period." So relax, everyone! Exclamation marks are totally normal!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post! =) Also, I really loved reading the article about thank you notes! Writing thank you notes was drilled into me from an early age, and now I am thankful for that.


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