A day trip to St. Augustine

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


 I love St. Augustine. It's one of those towns that I never seem to get tired of. We used to take trips here when we were dating and we even tacked on a spur-of-the-moment trip while we were on our honeymoon. The Old Town is definitely a must-see if you've never been before, but my favorite thing to do is to veer off down some residential alleys and see where I end up. The old houses are beautiful! On this trip, we arrived just in time for lunch and headed to O'Steen's for some seafood. They usually have a long wait so we were prepared to browse through some antique shops in the meantime. We weren't quite prepared for a 2-hour wait, though, and eventually our hunger got the best of us. We decided to skip the seafood and try barbecue instead. Mark and I had eaten at Mojo's BBQ a few years back with some friends and loved it! It didn't disappoint the second time around either. Their side dishes are to die for -- especially the mashed potatoes and mac and cheese (oh, that mac and cheese!). I've never been so sad to fill up before. You know that feeling when the food is so good that you just want to keep eating and eating, but you're afraid you'll pop if you eat another bite? Yeah, that.

After eating, we walked (or waddled in my case) through the Old Town to make our way to The Hyppo for popsicles. If  all you do in St. Augustine is eat these popsicles then your trip has been worth it. Trust me. They are delicious and their flavors are so fun! I never thought I would enjoy a Cantaloupe and Black Pepper popsicle until I tried one at The Hyppo. If you're in more of a traditional mood, though, go for the Strawberry Lemonade. You can't go wrong with it.

It was good to see you for a few hours, St. Augustine. We'll be back!

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