Learning to love Mondays

Monday, July 07, 2014

A little something I've been working on lately is learning to be excited about Mondays (especially the Monday after a holiday). I've caught myself moaning and groaning on Sunday afternoons about the weekend being over and then throughout the week, I'll find myself wishing away the days until the next weekend.

Until I realized that there's really only eleven weekends during the summer. Eleven weekends that are almost already booked up. Eleven weekends that will fly by. And if those are the only days that I actually enjoy summer, well, that's just sad.

So, here's to carving out more times during the work week to enjoy myself. Even if it's not an actionable thing and just more of a perspective thing. Summer's too short to not enjoy every single minute.

Here are a few other great posts that have been reinforcing this thought for me:
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