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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life can get so busy sometimes in spite of our normal routines, or maybe because of our normal routines. Without recognizing it, the moments slip by and before you know it, a day, a week, a whole summer has flown by. Summertime is when I'm most aware of time slipping by. When I was a kid, it was the exact opposite. Time stopped in the summer. A day seemed to last forever. Now I would give anything to have that feeling of endless summer again. In a way, though, I'm glad to be attuned to the fact that time is moving so fast because it makes me more appreciative.

 In the midst of all the busyness and going, our evenings lately have been what's made me stop and appreciate our life right now. On paper, our life might not look so appealing to someone else. There are things that could be better. But when it's just the two of us sitting on the screened porch around a dinner we cooked together, it seems pretty close to perfect.

We agreed at the beginning of last week to reign in our eating out, so I've been trying to do better about meal planning and having things on hand that are easy to whip up when I get home from the office. The thing is, I hate cooking by myself in the kitchen. Mark knows this and he has started fixing supper with me or cleaning as I cook. Sometimes we talk about our day and other times we quietly sidestep each other as we work our way around our tiny kitchen. Then we'll carry our food out under the rickety porch fan to eat. There's something awesome about eating dinner to the sound of crickets and ceiling fans. It makes me glad to recognize these happy little moments as they're happening.

If we lounge on the porch long enough after dinner, we can watch the fireflies come out. Because we're out on our porch so much sometimes the door accidentally gets left open and certain bugs sneak their way inside. A few nights ago, unbeknownst to us, a pair of lightning bugs flew in. We had just turned the lights off and rolled over in bed to fall asleep that night when suddenly our room started lighting up as a pair of lightning bugs flew all around. It was a really great show, watching lightning bugs from snug under the covers. But then one of them did a dive-bomb at Mark's head and it wasn't so funny anymore. At least not to him. I laughed myself to sleep.

Ah, summer, I love ya.

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  1. I love your love for summer & the simple things! And oh man, does it not feel like we've blinked our eyes and it's already mid-July?! Crazy. At least you're appreciating the moments...

    1. "Blinked" is a good word to describe it. I cannot believe that July is almost over! Trying to soak it all up as much as possible.


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