Taking Stock (July)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Making: plans for our next vacation. We're just barely home from our last vacation, but it was a 10-hour car ride home and we were both sleepy, so we kept each other awake by making plans. We're dreaming of a Pacific Northwest trip. Has anyone been or have suggestions/recommendations for us?

Cooking: at home every night this week. Or at least that's our goal. The first night was a success!
Drinking: a lot of ice cold water. Richmond is having typical July weather and I've been craving cold water like crazy!

Reading: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I really like it, although I'm missing those lazy days from last week when I could sit on the beach and read for hours. Now I'm having to sneak in moments before bed while trying not to fall asleep.

Wanting: to invest in this e-course. Has anyone else tried it?

Looking: at my tanned hands while I type and wishing for the beach again.

Playing: Duolingo on my phone before bed.

Wasting: time in the evenings watching Friday Night Lights. I just started Season One.

Sewing: nothing. Although I did watch my husband sew a weight onto our flag last night so it would keep from getting tangled up in the wind. Does that count?

Wishing: I could replay last week. Vacations always go by so fast!

Enjoying: this blog series on A Cup of Jo. It's geared towards mothers, but I love the cultural aspects of it.

Liking: my  newly tinted car windows. Thanks, husband!

Loving: our life right now. It might not look very appealing on paper to someone else, but it's amazing what a little happiness can do.

Needing: to vacuum the floors in this house badly. I love our hardwood floors but they get dusty so fast!

Wearing: this maxi dress. It's the comfiest thing ever and is on sale right now!

Noticing: how easy it was to get back in the groove of work after taking a week off for vacation. I love having a job that's not painful to come back to!

Knowing: that summer is flying by so so fast.

Opening: bills, bills, always bills

Feeling: sore from the sit-ups I did last night. I'm on a mission to do sit-ups every night through July and I'm using this app to keep track.

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