The waiting moments

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

I've been thinking a lot lately about those spaces of time before something happens, the moments of nervous anticipation.  Mark and I are waiting for an answer to something right now. It's going to be a yes or no answer, but there's a lot of life changes behind that yes or no. It's nerve-wracking to be in the moments of anticipation, waiting for the answer. The waiting period kills me and I want to know already which direction our life will go. I was thinking about this yesterday as I was driving. (Deep thoughts can take place while you're driving!) There are a lot of "waiting moments" that I look back on fondly now, even though I wasn't thrilled about them while they were happening.

Like the time when Mark and I were dating and I was waiting to find out if I got a job that would allow me to move to Georgia for the summer in order to be closer to him. Or the time when I was waiting to find out if my internship would turn into a full-time job. Or the time when we were waiting to find out the results of Mark's thesis.

All of these moments were nerve-wracking while we were in them, but each time they worked out for the best. The results of the waiting period dictate so many things in our life and although I don't think I will ever enjoy them, I'm trying to learn how to appreciate them for what they are. Soon they'll just be a memory of that time before "something" happened.

Is this getting too vague? Probably. I hope it made sense.

Do you ever wish you could fast-forward time to find out how thing turn out? 

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